Best real estate marketing tools and resources for 2022

Real estate marketing tools and resources are essential for real estate agents and brokers who are looking to sell more homes. Integrating top marketing tools into your marketing strategy gives you an edge over your competitors, helps you attract qualified buyers, and enables you to do way less work while achieving incredible results.

Consider using the following top real estate marketing tools and resources to boost your current marketing efforts:

  1. BoxBrownie

BoxBrownie is a virtual staging platform that gives you access to photography experts that can improve your 360° real estate photographs. This platform offers CGI renders and photographic enhancements such as changing the lighting and time of day in images, removing clutter, and virtual home staging.

Since the pandemic, 360° panoramic photos have been gaining prominence over regular 2D photos. 360° photos help agents highlight certain features in a home, allowing potential buyers to get an in-depth view of the property.

  1. A social media management tool

Social media is one of the most important aspects of marketing for real estate agents. Being able to post consistently ensures that you reach your desired audience on various social media channels. A social media management tool like Hootsuite is a great way to schedule content weeks in advance and enables you to create the best quality content possible for your target audience that is likely to convert. This is huge! Scheduling social content allows you to preplan and focus day-to-day on what you do best- real estate.

  1. Structurely chatbot

One of the most important parts of real estate marketing is being able to respond to inquiries efficiently and on time. Statistics by Garner show that about 40% of mobile interactions are facilitated by chatbots, which illustrates the importance in automating initial conversations with potential clients, allowing you to increase your conversion rate.

Structurely is one of the best chatbots on the market at the moment and it is programmed to hold human-like conversations as well as follow up with leads who are unresponsive. By adding this into your current real estate marketing strategy, you’ll be able to nurture leads and spend less time qualifying them so that you can close as many as possible.

  1. Harvesting University

Harvesting University by Coates Communications is an online resource that offers top real estate marketing strategies to real estate professionals. It includes a series of specially developed courses that we’ve created to help you and your team maximize your current marketing efforts.

On our platform, you can learn how to target buyers and sellers, grow your social media following, design attention-grabbing graphics, and much more.

  1. Cultiv8

Cultiv8 is also a product of Coates Communications and is designed to help real estate professionals such as agents, brokers, and investors convert their leads into tangible, signed agreements. It simplifies the process of converting leads through automation, removing the need for manual labor.

This product is also beneficial because it nurtures email, text message, and voicemail sequences and reaches out to leads in less than two minutes to double the speed to lead.

Consider using the top 5 real estate marketing tools and resources above to improve your real estate marketing plan, increase conversions and your revenue. Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions.



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